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CV / Resume


CV / Resume

Mark Dodwell - C.V.


Over 25 years creating assets and content for film and television production.


M.A. Computer Animation, N.C.C.A. Bournemouth University

B.Eng.(Hons) Mechanical Engineering, Kingston University


Proven 3D skills using various applications

Building and preparing 3D models for output on 3D printers.

Experienced studio/workshop manager.

On set VFX supervision

Traditional model and prop making.

Management & supervision experience

3D VFX Supervisor – Day to day management of the vfx team of freelancers plus co-ordination of external suppliers. Responsible for the creation of  the master vfx database. Allocation of resources, co-ordinating with editors and artists, preparation of dailies and reporting to the Producer and Director.

Animation Director – Day to day management of a department using proprietary software. information gathering from artists feeding back to the software development team and researchers.

Sculpture and Model shop supervisor – Worked with skilled artists to achieve the designers look on film projects. Produced high quality pieces which were featured in films where the designer received an Academy Award. Full responsibility for recruitment, research and development and budgeting.

Lead Artist on 3D projects tasked with co-ordination of assets, integration of mocap data and delivery of daily review shots to the Producer and Director.

Employment History

Terminator [Untitled] (2018)

Senior Digital Sculptor. Creation of props, armour, practical weapons and dummy weapons.

Dark Crystal - Age of Resistance (2017)

Created printed models used as VFX stand ins.

Mary Poppins Returns (2016-2017)

Senior Prop Maker. Creation of props and 3D models for several hero props.

Digital Sculptor - Kingsmen 2 The Golden Circle (2016)

Created 3D models and 3D prints used for Props and VFX stand ins.

Bournemouth University (2015 - 2016)

Computer Animation Researcher. Created 3D designs and animations for the RNLI for a conceptual project.

Pinewood Shepperton Group (2014 - 2015)

3D Supervisor. Designed and built multi camera photogrammetry rig for full body capture

Responsible for daily operations of the 3D modelmaking, 3D printing and scanning department.

Digital 3D Artist - Freelance (2001-2014)

Extensive work on films/tv, music promos, documentaries, pilots and game visualisation.

Senior roles have included 3D VFX supervisor, animation director, project lead artist and 3D specialist.

Recent projects; Guardians of the Galaxy (2014 Marvel/Disney), Luna (2014 dir. Dave Mckean), Prometheus (2012), Outcasts (2011 BBC/Kudos), Mission 2110 (2010 BBC Scotland), Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier (2010)

Sculptor / SFX technician    Freelance (1993-2001) 

Experienced sculptor, modelmaker and lifecaster

Worked on film projects including; Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, Star Wars Episode 1, Event Horizon, Judge Dredd, Tomorrow Never Dies


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