Gladiator Helmets

Gladiator Praetorian Helmet 

The quantity of helmets made for 'Gladiator' was huge, we made 350 of the Praetorian Guard alone. This one luckily has a metal eagle and has therefore kept its beak, the early ones had resin eagles because the metal casting equipment was delayed, these were very prone to breaking, many of the guards can be seen beakless or with a blob of black tack in place - oops!

Tiger Gladiator

The Tiger Gladiator helmet for Ridley Scotts 'Gladiator' and Sylvain Despretz who designed it.

I was working on Gladiator, running a model/mould workshop and we made hundreds of fibreglass helmets, the most memorable one was for the Tiger Gladiator, which was not only fun but also very last minute. I ended up going to Malta to help with the fittings and was lucky to be on set during some of the filming - not a typical day at work for a modelshop bloke....




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